As a college professor and product of local public schools, Raul Bocanegra understands that the path to success starts with a good education. As a State Legislator, Raul made education a top priority, leading efforts to reduce class sizes, expand early childhood education, improve classroom standards, and put more resources back into our local neighborhood schools.

Raul believes that we need to do more to make college affordable, reduce the burden of student debt, and expand job-training and vocational education opportunities in our community colleges. Raul has a plan to ensure more students have access to an affordable college education by working to expand tuition credits, and closing corporate tax loopholes to raise the money needed so students from working class families can attend community college tuition free.


Raul Bocanegra believes everyone has the right to affordable quality healthcare services including affordable medicines, dental care, regular check ups, and emergency healthcare. In the State Assembly, Raul fought hard to expand health care coverage for thousands of families, kids, and seniors. He help lead the successful effort to secure needed funding to expand Covered California, California’s health insurance market place under ObamaCare, to low-income and middle-class Californian’s who didn’t qualify. Raul also created a dental care program that gives thousands of low-income children access to dental coverage. Raul will continue making healthcare a priority by fighting to:

  • Protect healthcare coverage for Veterans and Seniors
  • Continue working get more low-income and middle-class families to access affordable health care coverage
  • Deliver more resources for community clinics, local hospitals, and emergency services in the Valley
  • Expand access to women’s health care services like pre-natal care and specialties like OB/GYNs

Creating Jobs

Raul Bocanegra is a proven job creator with a track record of strengthening the economy in the Northeast Valley for nearly two decades.

Raul spearheaded the creation of the San Fernando Valley Financial Development Corporation and the Pacoima Development Federal Credit Union. Together, these institutions have helped generate more than $100 million in investment in the San Fernando Valley, creating or protecting thousands of jobs and providing local small businesses the resources to grow.

In 2014, Bocanegra also authored landmark legislation create new state tax credits that resulted in the creation of thousands of new good-paying jobs in the construction trades, technology, and the film industry.

In the State Assembly, Raul will launch his new comprehensive job creation plan to help create new opportunities for the Northeast Valley and give residents the tools they need to get ahead.

  • Close tax loopholes to ensure that big Wall Street banks, corporations, and millionaires pay their fair share.
  • Make new investments in our local infrastructure including roads, highways, and railways
  • Expand local hiring programs so that workers in the Northeast Valley are the first in line for jobs on new public works projects
  • Invest in more affordable housing to ease the burden on families and workers so you can save more money and get ahead.


As a long-time boardmember and current chair of Pacoima Beautiful, Raul has worked with local residents and community leaders to protect our air, water, and environment in the Northeast Valley.

In the State Assembly, Raul will work to make the Northeast Valley a healthier and safer place to live, work, and raise a family by:

  • Bring more state parks bond money to the Valley to build new park space and improve what we have
  • Work to preserve open spaces like the Tujunga Wash
  • Crack down on pollutorers with tougher regulations and increased enforcement to protect our air and water
  • Work with local leaders to make improvements to our sidewalks
  • Reduce noise pollution for families in Sylmar, Lakeview Terrace, and Suland Tujunga by constructing a sound wall along the 210

Fighting Domestic Abuse

Raul believes that the state needs to do more to stop domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. In the State Assembly, Raul will work with law enforcement leaders and local services providers to secure the needed funding to expand anti-domestic violence programs, victims support programs, early intervention efforts, and offer victims a safe place so they can escape the cycle of abuse.

Standing Up for Women’s Equality

A lifelong champion for women’s rights and equality, Raul is the only candidate for State Assembly endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta, and dozens of female leaders across the state.

Raul has consistent efforts to protect women’s right to choose and expand access to reproductive health care services for women have earned him a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood.

Raul strongly believes that women deserve respect in the work place. He will fight for wage equality, paid family leave, and measures that will ensure women and young girls can get ahead in the work place.